Loris Cresson angry with other riders who ruined his weekend at MotorLand Aragon

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Belgium’s Loris Cresson ended his second consecutive weekend at MotorLand Aragon in Spain with a sixteenth-place finish in the latest round of the FIM Superbike World Championship. He also finished sixteenth in Saturday’s opening 15 lap race.

Starting twenty fourth on the grid, Cresson was soon fighting for the top twelve, but a lack of top speed hampered any progress made in the technical sections of the twisting Spanish venue.

Sunday saw a few changes, and with Loris feeling more comfortable he was able to get the most out of his Yamaha R6, crossing the line to finish sixteenth for the second race in as many days.

The RPM84 squad will now look to improve engine performance ahead of the next ride at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona in a fortnight.

Loris Cresson:
“Saturday wasn’t so bad. We kept improving in the morning and in qualifying I did the best lap I have ever done despite still having a slow engine. I was happy with that. In the race we had a decent pace and I wanted to push immediately but unfortunately there a lot of stupid riders in this championship who think that every lap is the last lap of the race. We lost so much time fighting and every time I got ahead, they would just pass me in the straight and when I was behind them, I couldn’t pass, even in the slip stream. It was frustrating to finish sixteenth because I was thirteenth but it’s like that. We ended the weekend frustrated. We had the riding ability to be in the top ten but the engine and the stupidity of the other riders prevented it. How can these riders make a career riding like this? Anyway, I pushed as hard as I could. I am happy with the work of the team and how I am working with Max but we need to keep working and find a solution for the engine for Catalunya. Big thanks to the team because they are doing all they can with what we have.”